100 Words

Trying different ways to teach these kids English:


We went running by the bay.
The children play hopscotch.
The dancers were dancing in the yard.
The L0rd is my shepherd I shall not want.
There is only one, true G0d.
I go home to sleep.
I come to school to work.
G0d is good to those who trust in him.
A Ch1stian accepts J3sus as their L0rd and S@vior.
True Chr1stians serve the L0rd. (each Chr1stian serves Him in different ways, best not to compare yourself with others)
Love the L0rd your G0d with all your heart, soul, and mind.
Love your neighbor as thyself.
Trust in the L0rd G0d to help you in each day.
I want to speak English.

One of the toughest things about being a teacher is to maintain the students’ interest. “Make learning fun.” How am I supposed to make learning fun?… When I think back to school, the fun parts about school was the lunch times and recess. Going to try something new here. Pr@ying to G0d it works!

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