And This is Just the Beginning

So here’s what has happened today, and it’s only 1:06PM. I woke up this morning with no electricity. The sun here rises at 6:30. I wake up at 5:55. So you can imagine trying to get ready in pure darkness. Thank God for the iPhone flashlight. I got to school and was told I need to get my students’ applications in today. In this application the student has to write an essay and fill out all this information in English. Keep in mind I just started teaching 2 weeks ago. To be honest though, today’s been a really good day so far.

At 10:30am I tried to get my students to go running with me. Instead they ran away from me. Okay… Good thing I saw them otherwise I would’ve looked like a fool not knowing where they were. So I just casually walked over and looked at them like a bunch of idiots. Then… As we were heading downstairs to head out the door, they ran again! Accept one ran one way and the other ran another. Seriously???? Okay…. And so I just chased after the slower one and caught him at the gate. The other one saw from the window and came down. Then they ran again. “Omg screw these boys,” I thought so I just w/e’d about them and went back up to my classroom to enjoy the AC and chat with my besties.

Took them like 30 minutes to come back. And finally, when they did, I just didn’t look at them. I let them carry on like w/e until I told them to sit down, threw down the grammar book, and told them to write down a bunch of past, present, and future tense verbs. Discipline…. Ughhh why does it have to be so hard?? And I delayed their lunch by an hour and 30 minutes heheh… Good thing the cooks like me and I had a friend to help me translate. Anyways, that’s been my day so far… Now I’m starting to see the pressure of being a teacher, and I must say, I feel pretty bad about the times I used to try to talk to my bfff from all the way across the classroom, or the times I tried to sleep in class, or go on my phone… Well, it’s all a matter of understanding, and keeping the “quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:19) and always learning mentality. Praise God for giving me this understanding and to carry on this day with joy and gladness. đŸ™‚


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