I’ll Be Home For Christmas, I’ll Just Be a Little Late :)

So how did I spend Christmas this year?


Sitting next to this crying fella for 4 and a half hours! (flight should’ve only been an hour and a half Sanya to HK) Why the delay? Because there were 11 infants, and only 10 were accounted for. The 11th was supposedly “a child,” as declared on booking/check-in process, but apparently someone made a mistake which caused this massive delay! Then we had to wait another hour for the little car to come push the plane away. Lol oh well, at least we had a plane and arrived safely.

To be honest, I’m really thankful to Him for my Christmas this year.

China may have decorations, but they treat it just like any other day. Work, work, repeat. For us at the school, teach, plan, repeat. Thankfully, they’re letting me go home for a little bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

This might’ve been my students’ first “Christmas morning.” It wasn’t much, but even with a 12-inch Christmas tree, some U.S. $$, and a couple other things wrapped in Sanya ads, the joy of being able to share with them the Christmas spirit was so surreal. (I know… Lol so ghetto but hey! It was all I had and this was from the heart okay :P)



Anyways, hopefully these kids got a taste of Christmas and a bit more of an understanding of Jesus’ story.

Oh! And thank you to my sweet Hong Kong auntie friend who just so happened to have this day available to spend with me, otherwise I’d be spending Christmas in a Hong Kong hostel…. by myself… I’m so thankful that He provides ๐Ÿ™‚







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