Second New Years Resolution, Learn Chinese!

Before today, I was relying simply on my Pleco app and people trying to speak English to me as my method of communication. Talk about arrogance… Admit it, we all have some form of arrogance that becomes a roadblock in our life if we don’t realize it and fix it…

This morning I was watching this Nickelodeon show, which has been suggested to me by many: Legend of Korra. Yea, the anime about the avatar lol. The main message: the first step to facing your fears is admitting them. Believe it or not, one of my greatest fears is speaking Chinese. Why? Well, when I was little I got kicked out of Chinese school because I was so bad at it, and when speaking for the first time, a nonchinese person would speak Chinese better than I could. I don’t know what it is! Could be many things… Lack of practice, trying to sound like a valley girl in middle school which carried over into my long term speech development, oiii…

Well, today basically slapped me in the face. This weekend was my “go out and explore” weekend. I had no one there to translate for me or show me how to take the bus. Both yesterday AND today the bus missed my stop and the next stop (aka the last stop) is about a 25 minute walking distance. UGH frustration… Not to mention, I was two hours late today for dinner with my friends. -__-

Ugh it sucks sometimes when you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone, especially when it involves conquering one of your greatest fears. But I have to remember that doing this will open up an amazing opportunity! So I have a new New Years Resolution… And that is to become fluent in speaking Chinese.

You can only get so far with “Ni hao” and “chi fan.” [Hello] and [time to eat] Lol 🙂



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