The Greatness of Taking Risks

Taking risks is definitely a good thing. Every risk you take is an opportunity of growth and learning.

Here’s my short testimony of risk taking between ages 20-24.

At 20, I took a risk in joining a business fraternity. In this organization, I built a really great network and learned how to conduct myself professionally.

At 21, I took financial risks which led to one of the best years of my life spent with people I will never forget. 

At 22, I took the risk in working for a start up. The office ended up closing due to poor financial decision making, but fortunately it was an experience everyone learned from and we all had new opportunities afterwards.

At 23, I took the leap of faith in dedicating my life to following Jesus.

At 24, I took on the challenge of doing a 6-month missions trip in China to help two boys with their education in hopes of coming to America.

Here I thought I’d be coming to “Hawaii of China,” but let me tell you my time here has been FAR from a vacation.

I’m currently four months into this missions trip and it’s taught me A LOT. Not to mention, I’m realizing how many things I’ve learned from my past is actual a huge benefit to me now in the present and for the coming future.

It’s true when we hear “just believe.” For Jesus says that the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Even if it seems like you’re standing alone, you’re not. Trust in yourself. Trust that God is paving the way for your success. 

When faced with an opportunity, take it. Don’t be afraid of the risk. We’re young enough to come up from times of trouble, and mature enough to make good decisions.

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