How to Defeat the One Called “Satan?”

Satan will only become as strong as you let him. 

There’s something called spiritual warfare and every Christian faces it. The more we try to serve God the more Satan tries to make us sick, tired, or distracted. 

Sickness comes from Satan as a way to make us afraid, feel weak, discouraged. But we need to remember that Jesus heals. Don’t believe me? Read the Bible, Luke 17:11-19, for example.

I’ve recently realized that Satan has put a lot of distraction in my head throughout these past six months. I’ve prioritized in using my life to serve as a mission, which is still a good thing, but it’s made me lose focus on my main priority.

I didn’t know what I was signing myself up for when I said yes to a four year committment with God. I was told by the director that brought me here I’d be in this beautiful place called Sanya teaching little kindergarteners. Little did I know I’d be spending eight hours a day with two high school boys. Was this a manipulated scheme? No. This was God’s plan all along. He just knew I’d say “no” if I knew I’d be spending so much time with two fourteen year old boys. 

Praise be to our wonderful Father that I can come home next month. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of my mission. My mission has actually just begun. 

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