The Sky’s Awake, so I’m Awake

Aiyah it’s 2am and I can’t sleep

So, I’m going to fill you in on all that’s been happening in China since February (cuz I’m realizing I really haven’t said much since I got back from the Chinese New Year holiday).

I arrived in the Sanya airport February 18. Everyone was still on holiday except for my students. My students were given a special case scenario where we had to resume session a few days earlier than the rest of the kindergarten. (For those of you just tuning in, I’m teaching two teenage boys in the top floor classroom of a Chinese kindergarten lol).

My student Chris picked me up from the airport with his mom. It was cute, almost like they adopted me into their family for a few days because no one else was around. It’s nice experiencing the legite Chinese New Year lunch and dinner meals. It’s like an endless party with super delicious food, friends from different places, and endless cheersing with red and white wine. NEVER drink the white wine in China, it tastes disgusting.

February 23rd until now has more or less been the same. Pray, eat, teach, repeat. “Teach” has actually become more of assigning the boys work out of their grammar books and me just facilitating making sure they don’t full around. It gets boring, no lie there but I’ve been using this time to catch up on my Bible reading.

Chris and Eric are their names. How I chose their English names, I asked them on the first day of class what their favorite letter of the alphabet was lol.

Chris a funny fellow. He never wants to do anything.

Eric is a good kid. He always does his homework and will unwillingly do any classwork that I put in front of him. Teenagers…

Mid-March I made a few new friends. They just so happened to be teachers at the nearby University. One was a newly converted Christian. It’s been great as they were seriously answers to my prayers because it was getting really boring and lonely. Plus, I got to share some encouragement with my new found sister 🙂

Each day between March and May passed by three times slower than the normal day in the U.S. At first it was such a drag, but then I learned to change my mentality and just appreciate it for what it was.

That’s the lesson here. To rejoice always, give thanks in all circumstances, amd pray continuously. I really thank God for giving me this time here in China. It opened up my eyes to the Chinese culture, one that I’ve ironically despised for so long because of its cheap, selfish style of living, but then I realized I was just being judgmentally closed minded. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Like electricity, because we’ve had some inconvenient power outages (how we gonna boil the water hmm?). Water. The air (appreciating the places where there’s no construction or burning piles of trash). THE INTERNET!! Appreciate the convenient access to gmail and Facebook people. It sucks having to wait for Internet connection, and THEN having to wait for VPN connection, aiyah lol.

But the food is pretty good. Sometimes I find myself battling the noodles trying not to let them fall through my chopsticks. Good thing there’s one fork in the school kitchen lol. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that uses it. Just today I found myself picking out all the seeds in the pepper dish because it was so good! But soooo spicy (sorry, I didn’t realize til just now I should’ve taken a picture lol, oops).

anyways, that’s my experience in a nutshell

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