Bangkok in 39 Hours

And I was good. 🙂 

First meal, papaya salad with pork (cost me a bit more than a McChicken)



 First night spent visiting different night spots (hipster glasses hanging from the ceiling), and apparently you order by saying, “give me my bottle” which already has your name on it from what you didn’t finish last time.  


Rooftop bar on top of the Marriott 


Obligatory 18 year later picture.

We only ordered a few things of street food and this was by far the best (some kind of krispy pork, interesting that no where we ate had chopsticks…)


Walking through the huge Siam malls and she couldn’t resist the bootay ^^


Got these baggies of street food thinking we were at “the 5th best pad Thai place in the world” (we were wrong…)


Hot pink taxi Toyotas everywhere


The baggie street food almost tainted our experience of Thai food for good, until we came here (Cafe Nikko) and had an actual delicious refreshing meal


View from our hostel’s rooftop (3Howw @Sukhumvit 21, thanks for the recommendation @jayyao!)



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