Chiang Mai, Sweet Local City in Thailand

Erica Chao, a sweet friend of mine I met during my Hong Kong vacation during Chinese New Year weekend suggested I come to this random place in Thailand called Chiang Mai. I never heard of it until she mentioned it. She suggested a cute little hotel called Green Tulip House~

Marisa wanted to do Muay Thai because she saw it on Keeping up with the Kardashians and thought it looked cool. I figured why not, all about the local experience right? Lol           “I come in peace!” ✌️😊 @SingPrasertMuayThaiGym 

(This “Muay Thai Uncle” owns a salon @Ma,Salon right across from our hotel so we decided to get pedis to get our feet ready for Phuket in eight hours.)

The day after Muay Thai I wanted to go swimming in a waterfall but the only adventure with this available without all this other rafting, riding, jeeping experience required an eight hour extreme hike through the jungles of Chiang Mai. The only shoes I had available were my flip flops or flats! Figured it’d be better to wear close toed shoes.                                            

Realized the more pain I’m in the more happy I look…. Weird lol, hit my foot on a rock when trying to get out of the water.

The next day we decided to take a break and do something where we didn’t have to move so much, so we tried Sammy’s Organic Thai Cooking School. Definitely the best of the best~


First we went to an authentic market to see where he buys his ingredients


Check out this coconut crushing machine!

Then he brought us to his farm/home where all the magic happens~



Looks like hell but tastes like heaven 🙂 #corasthaigreencurry



Part of Sammy’s experience is taking a two hour break where students can rest in hammocks or lounge on these comfy mats to recover from food coma (definitely prayed and thanked God for this food)

Then we concluded with making some dessert and snacks I forgot to take a picture of.


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