What a Wonderful Experience in the Netherlands

Many people associate Netherlands with Amsterdam which they associate with fun, Red Light District, weed, and looking really cute and charming. 

It’s so easy to judge a place (or people) based on preconvinced assumptions and stereotypes that we think we know all about it or them (when in reality, we know nothing at all, or maybe just a portion of it).

Before traveling to Amsterdam with my two travel buddies, I had this idea of what it would be like. I wasn’t entirely incorrect, but my mind was blown by how much more there was to experience and see in this city, let alone the entire country.

I was only in Holland for six days so even still my knowledge of this place is very minimal, but hopefully these pictures give you an idea of how much more there is to this small but very significant country: 



 (So I thought it was weird to be eating chocolate sprinkles with a piece of toast, but apparently they thought it was even more weird I had my sprinkle covered toast on the same plate as my eggs and mushrooms lol) 

 (note the random box of sprinkles in the middle of the table) 

 (Inside a traditional Dutch home)

 (the most awesome, friendly, welcoming people you will ever meet)

(You haven’t experienced a real music festival unless you go to one in Holland where everyone’s NOT on their phones)

  (Vintage shops that have SUPER cute stuff @Jordaan & Haarlem)

Breakfast like you would never even imagine …

And then of course, you got your canals, bikes, museums, and beer…


(I would only suggest doing the Heineken experience if you’re ready to be totally commercialized lol)




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