My Message To You For God

Life is always better when you know what you want for your future, but you let God take the reins. Some of you may disagree, or be like… What the heck is this girl talking about? But this is what I’ve come to learn over the many years and life changing experiences. I still work really hard, I live a normal life (eating 3 meals a day, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, sleeping well praise the Lord), but I’ve finally given myself the time and place to figure out: what do I want? who do I want to be? where will I do it? how will I get there? why do I want to do this?
What do I want?

To eventually have a family who grows up happy and loving Jesus just like I was able to by God’s grace

Who do I want to be?


Where will I do it?

Wherever God leads me

How will I get there?

By letting God take the reins of my life

Why do I want to do this?

Because that is what is God’s will for me.
I listened to this song “I Will Go Anywhere” by Andrew Rayel, and singing this song reminds me that as long as it’s for God, I can go anywhere and everything I do is to bring Him glory. After all, this world is “God’s Great Dance Floor.” Saved by grace through Jesus Christ. Amen!

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