Which War Are We Fighting?

There’s a war on peace, and within this war are many little battles, the battles we face everyday whether Christian or not. How to love our neighbor even while they’re making it difficult, how to say or do certain things without feeling judged, how to have a good work life balance…

I found this quote today, though I have no idea who said it. People who speak words like this yet choose to remain a secret are ones that I choose to look up to:

“What happens when life breaks down?
When there is systemic contradiction?
My name symbolized all that was corrupt to society.
His name symbolized all that was pure.
And I was being hailed in the embrace of the man who was pure.
And these inviolable sanctities were preserved in those ten words.
And it is the de-sacralization of all of these that has put us in the mess that we find ourselves.
Isn’t it true, alas it is much worse.
A person may end up believing in anything.
You know, if that human acceptance does so much for you and me.
Think of what it is when God himself puts his arms around you and says
“Welcome home”.
What love is this?
It is God’s love.
And no other love can be defined until that love has properly been understood.”

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