Thank God For Family and Loved Ones

It’s amazing to see how the holidays are spent in different parts of the world. Here I’ve gotten to experience Christmas and New Years in Indonesia, and just this past weekend got to hear the roaring firecrackers nonstop in Kuching, Malaysia for Chinese New Year. I have to thank God that no matter where I am, He is always there with me. 

I thought being away for Thanksgiving and Christmas would be hard. Being the only one not home for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas with the family wasn’t too bad though because I was able to join in on a few Christmas celebrations in our local villages, and was able to bring a taste of what a Thanksgiving feast would be like to Living Waters Village. Granted we didn’t have a turkey or pumpkin pie, but just the fact that people came together and shared in food and giving was all we needed to make it feel like Thanksgiving. 
The hardest holiday to face to my surprise was Chinese New Year. But going through this challenge really makes me appreciate my family and realize how special our traditions of dinners and gatherings really are. Mom, Dad, sis, Grandmas, Grand Uncle, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, I love you all, and thanks for all the years of love and tradition. ❤ Gong Xi Fa Cai

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