#StoryOfAndrewandCora How it all began

Our Story
On September 24th, 2016, Andrew and Cora were on a hike at Lands End in San Francisco. It was a mutual friend’s birthday event. Andrew and Cora remet that day. They got engaged on February 12th, 2017… If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “That was really fast!” And in many ways, you would be absolutely right, but our story actually starts a few years before September 24th, 2016, when a prayerful, faithful, loving mother reached out and introduced herself to her future daughter in law.

“Hi, I’m Nony. You know my son, Andrew Lim!”

Those were the words expressed by Andrew’s mom in October 2014 when she saw Cora talking to the director from China seeking desperately an English native speaker to move to China and embark on the mission to help develop two teenage boys to transition into the American education system. At the time, Cora didn’t know Andrew, but for some reason Andrew’s mom felt it in her heart to introduce herself to Cora and make the connection – a habit quite familiar to those who know either of these women. Nony, having met Cora and chatted briefly with her, added her on Facebook and thought to herself that she had just met “Andrew’s match,” and enthusiastically asked Andrew to meet Cora in 2014. Andrew declined and Cora was not available. The story could have ended there, but thanks to God, the story was just beginning.

Cora’s 7-month mission to China evolved into another one-year mission serving in the midst of the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia at a place called Living Waters Village. This time had allowed her to disconnect from everything she had before and allowed her to be transformed by the love of God.

During this time, Andrew was also growing in his faith as he transitioned from a recent college graduate into a young professional. Through Berean Mission Church, Andrew found a family of Christians who loved God, loved His Word, and would become a central community in his life. He served in the church’s events team and organized events like retreats, banquets, hikes, and park days. He also grew through personal time spent with God, hiking in nature and learning to set aside the pressures of professional life.

Among the many things that Cora and Andrew love doing together, it is spending time outdoors and watching sunsets, so it is perfectly fitting that after Cora spent a year in the jungles of Borneo and Andrew in his many hikes, they would meet on a beautiful hike in San Francisco on September 24th, 2016.

“Hi, I’m Cora.”

“Hi, I’m Andrew Lim.”

“Wait. Are you Nony’s son?!”

And so it began again. What started in 2014 was rekindled as Cora realized that the Andrew she just met at a friend’s birthday hike would be the same Andrew that was first “introduced” to her in 2014 by Andrew’s mom. As the two began to talk more that day, they realized that they had both found kindred spirits, as they chatted about Highlands (the elementary school they both attended), Cora’s mission experience, and the ups and downs of the professional “bubble” in the Bay Area. Over the next few weeks, Andrew would spend more and more time with Cora as he was helping her in her career search.

As their friendship developed, so did Andrew’s feelings for Cora and his appreciation for the complimentary traits that they shared as friends. After a few more hikes, several meals and coffees together, Andrew asked Cora on a sunny day after lunch in October, “Random question: will you go on a date with me?” Cora initially accepted, and then declined over a text message. She wasn’t available. The story could have ended there, but by God’s plan, the story continued.

That evening, Andrew called Cora. Through the two-hour conversation, they shared their feelings, thoughts, and concerns. When all was said and done, they agreed to revisit the conversation after the weekend. After hanging up, Andrew later went on to tell his family, “I have never fought so hard for someone in my life.”

Three days later, Andrew and Cora met at Mom’s Tofu House in Millbrae where they had agreed to date.

On February 12th, 2017, Andrew got down on one knee at Mori Point in Pacifica and asked Cora if he could have the honor of marrying her. She said “Yes.”

Moments of Grace

Our journey has been an exciting one and we’re constantly surprised by how God has orchestrated our relationship. We would like to share some moments and memories that showed us both God’s hand in our relationship.


Cora was having a conversation with her old Pastor from Church of the Highlands where he reminded her the importance of intentionally dating. “The Lord can use you as a single individual to do His will,” which she was able to experience during the year and a half she spent in China and Indonesia doing missions. “It’s when the Lord brings two people together that He will multiply the both of you and do things that you could never do by yourself as a single individual.” Having that in mind, she knew Andrew was one to consider.


We started dating on October 23rd, 2016, a few days after an “intense, intentional conversation.” A few months after we started dating, Cora came across a journal entry from a couple years back where she had listed 20 random qualities she would like in a husband. Ephesians 5:22 in the Bible says, “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.” She knew that in order to submit and give respect to a man, he would need to be an ambitious, business-minded professional who loves and follows God. “Where am I ever going to find this??” She thought…

Cora sent Andrew this list, and ironically he had also recently came across a list that he wrote back in the previous year.

At this point, Cora and Andrew realized God had laid out the path over the years for them to eventually come together.


When Andrew and Cora realized they were ready for the next step with the Lord together in marriage, they knew they would have to get both their parents on board too. Andrew had already spoken to his parents about wanting to marry Cora and they were very pleased. Andrew and Cora were having dinner and game planning how they were going to share the news with Cora’s parents. They were nervous and prayed that God would open their hearts to the idea of Cora getting married to Andrew. Little did they know that during the time of prayer, Cora’s dad was talking to an old friend about Andrew and how happy he was that Cora finally found someone he actually liked. Later that evening, Andrew and Cora had shared the idea with her parents and they were overjoyed.

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